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Will we ever live in a fair society?

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Slide 2We all know that there is a difference in terms for people with lack of physical possibilities. Usual English term is “disabled”, which means “a person who is currently not able to do smth because of technical problem”. The other term, “invalid”, literally means, that the person is not suitable for some activity.While both of terms are correct, there is a slight difference in attitude, which you can feel in using these two terms. We cannot say that this difference is intentional, but I think that the first step to consider for fair society is to think about such people in terms of their abilities, not their validity. We can help people to become able to do something again – and they will become valid for society by themselves.Slide 3The first question asked by many people, is, unfortunately - is it an issue itself, should we ever pay any attention or money to those who has, e.g., one leg instead of two, as it should be? Well, the question leads us to the dark historic times of heathenism, when people with noneven quantity of limbs, eyes etc. considered to be marked by daemons (it`s not the co-incidence, that another word for “non-even” is “odd”, which also means “something different or out of the system, mistake”). On the other hand, there has been lack of resources, so the society of the Stone Age and a little bit afterwards could afford themselves to keep the breadwinners only.Nowadays, we can afford ourselves to be fair to those who has the lack of technical possibilities. Even if we do not consider the equality of people because of the unique characters, and talking about benefits only – we should not forget about those, who becomes disable because of their help to society (loie War veterans), or about great historical examples.The historical examples, when disabled doesn’t mean invalid:Slide 4Disability as the social issue, which should be addressed by government, non-government organizations and individual citizen and local communities in order to provide fait treatment and good social integration.
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    Слайд 4. В наше время – время потребления огромных потоков информации и высокой скорости жизненных процессов – совместно с постоянным ростом требований к уровню общего образования современному человеку уже не позволяют обходиться без качественных всеобъемлющих источников информации, предоставить которые может нам глобальная сеть Интернет. Интернет – это не просто идеальный источник информации, но также и великолепный способ коммуникации. Так, появившись в середине двадцатого столетия, он окутал планету паутиной кабельных и беспроводных соединений. На сегодняшний день наиболее востребованный коммуникационный сервис в Интернет – это, естественно, e-mail, что дает возможность не просто вести переписку с пользователями из разных уголков мира, но что также открывает доступ к массе дополнительных сервисов. Кроме того, общение в Интернет-сети бесценно для людей с ограниченными возможностями. Именно глобальная сеть позволяет им получить не только полноценное образование, но и работу, а так же, возможность на равных контактировать с другими людьми. Современный бизнес также использует возможности всемирной сети. Сфера использования Интернета охватывает огромный спектр возможностей, о которых ранее не могли даже мечтать. Вы можете продвигать товары и услуги, можете осуществлять покупку, просматривать фильмы, играть в онлайн игры, а самое главное – зарабатывать деньги при помощи возможностей всемирной сети. Все СМИ, что уже существуют на сегодняшний день, задают тенденции для появления поведенческих моделей, предпочтительных для новой среды и видов деятельности. Они задают новые стандарты нашего общества во всех областях жизни, таких как, например, сфера обслуживания и потребительская сфера. Резкий скачок в развитии информационных сетей, которые принято называть глобальными, сделал реальным продвижение информационного общества на уровень реальности. Возьмем, к примеру, такую сеть как Интернет, рост количества пользователей которой постоянно растет и в 2025 году по прогнозам составит от 1,5 до 2 миллиардов пользователей.


    Nowadays media in Russia is represented by radio, TV, the Internet and the printed press. (слайд 6)I’d like to introduce you data on popularity of that or this kind of media. (слайд 7)Look at the diagram. As for me, despite the fact that the Internet is widely-spread nowadays, its popularity is only at the second place. TV is the most popular source of information. It depends on such factors as age, social position of responders.And the last issue for today is methods of media influence. (слайд 8)The forgery of facts. It’s a well-known fact that lie in media is very expensive. There are some ways to shut up any kind of information.Manipulative semantics. Here lie achieves people by means of changing the meaning of words and concepts.Stereotyping. This method is used to give people simple explanation of the events.Assertion and repetition. This method helps to inspire some necessary things to the audience.Crushing and urgency. The division of the integral problem into separate pieces – so that the reader or spectator is not able to link them together and comprehend the problem is one of particular and important aspect of simplification.Sensation. This is the event messages, which are given a high importance and uniqueness that focuses on them and the right time is held almost all the attention of the public. It can help to keep silence about important events which the audience should not notice.Summing it up, it’s necessary to state that a huge possibility of active influence of the media on consciousness and behavior of citizens underlines the critical role of the "fourth estate" in modern society. Some mass communication researchers say even about the impending era of "mediocrity" - the power of mass media that do not so much reflect and interpret reality, how many are building it with their own rules and discretion. Thank you for attention.

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    Socio-political situation in Catalonia is also unfavorable. In 2009 the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" conducted a survey on the question of feeling hatred by the Catalans from the Spanish, and 56% of respondents answered "yes". One of the main arguments that lead the Catalans in favor of secession from Spain, is the thesis that Catalonia since the 19th century has its own history, traditions, culture and language, so, it also needs its own statehood.In Scotland people want to gain independence from Britain because they believe that the region's access to the North Sea oil would help the Scots to be richer than they are in the UK. Actually, about 90% of all British fossil-fuel extraction takes place in or around Scotland. However, not only economic reasons forced the Scots to think about independence. The population wants to break away from the UK, as it has its own traditions, language and nationalism. However, Scottish nationalism is not directed against the British, people just want to live in their own special culture. They plan to keep the pound as their currency, but get more fiscal autonomy.However, it is worth noting that the Spanish government does not allow Catalonia to hold a referendum, so contradictions between the center and the region are constantly aggravate. Scotland in the UK took the right to hold a referendum, however, Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the people of Scotland, asking to remain part of the UK. He emphasized the fact that for the state and world stability as a whole it is very important to preserve the territorial integrity and the power of Great Britain.There are active discussions nowadays in Europe about the best way to unite Europe in a single entity, where the member-states and their regions would not seek independence. Some scientists believe that it is necessary to remove national borders and to provide a mixture of cultures in the framework of united Europe. Other scholars take a strongly opposed position, believing that it is better to develop Europe on the federation basis.

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    It involves games and sports such as wrestling along with a chance to learn more about the folklore of this ethnic group. The annual Tabyk International Ethnic Music Festival which brings musicians and singers from all over the world. The local contribution to the festival includes toyoh improvised epic singing and ancient Shaman rituals. The Ice-carving Festival that takes place in March each year in which sculptors create works of art from ice. The event attracts visitors from as far afield as Argentina, Korea, Japan, Italy, and Germany. The International Sports Games, ‘Children of Asia’, which takes place in the Republic every four years. These games have been labelled the Children’s Olympics, and they last took place in 2000. The event combines sports competitions with cultural events. Natural history vacationsA republic with such a diverse and rich nature has potential for adventurous natural history tourism. It is particularly suitable for holidays for those interested in: Birds, as the territory has 285 indigenous bird species and wetlands which are the focus for the migration of thousands of geese and ducksFlora given that Sakha-Yakutia has more than 3,000 species of flora including no fewer than 510 types of mushrooms and 550 species of lichenAnimals which roam freely, including brown bears, moose, foxes, wolves, polar bears, and various breeds of deer and sables.  There is already some commercialisation of this sector. In 2001, for example, a locally based tour operator was offering a bird-watching holiday to the delta of the Lena river in the Arctic region.  It is not only today's natural history that brings people to the region. Tours are also offered to see the remains of the wildlife of yesteryear, most notably woolly mammoths, on what is called the Mammoth Hill expedition. Hunting is a way of life for the indigenous peoples such as the Yakuts and the Evenks, but it is now a major attraction too for both Russian and foreign tourists, in spite of the controversy surrounding hunting. Hunting tourism is more highly marketed than any form of tourism in the republic.

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    •  free of charge - бесплатный •  miss classes - пропускать занятия •  distance education- дистанционное обучение• take part in – принимать участие• higher education– высшее образование•computer science  - информатика•economics  - экономика•maths [ 'mæθs ]  - математика•psychology – психология•computer - компьютер•academic year  - учебный год•holidays - каникулы•to study for exam  - готовиться к экзаменуI entered MESI to receive higher education. I am in the law department. The main advantage of distance learning is that there is no need to attend and take notes of lectures. MESI provides free access to electronic library for all the students. I’m glad that I mustn’t take exams in Computer Science, Economics and Mathematics because I have humanitarian view of things. I like studying easy. I had to pass only one exam in Russian. Maybe an internal student will receive better education than external student. But I believe that true knowledge one can receive only while working at any establishment. We’ll have holidays soon. Academic year ends. At the end of the semester there will be a session. I need to study for my exam in psychology. The only disadvantage of distance learning is the inability to participate in the social life of the Institute. Я поступил в МЭСИ, чтобы получить высшее образование. Учусь на юридическом факультете. Главное преимущество дистанционного обучения состоит в том, что не нужно посещать и записывать лекции. Для студентов, МЭСИ предоставляет бесплатный доступ к электронной библиотеке. Я очень рад, что мне не нужно сдавать экзамены по информатике, экономике и математике, потому что у меня гуманитарный склад ума. Мне нравится когда учиться легко. Мне пришлось сдать только один экзамен при поступлении - по русскому языку. Возможно, студент-очник получит лучшее образование, чем студент-заочник. Но я считаю, что настоящее знания можно получить только работая по специальности в какой-нибудь заведении. Скоро у нас будут каникулы. Учебный год завершается. По окончании семестра будет сессия. Мне нужно готовиться к экзамену по психологии. Единственный недостаток дистанционного обучения - это невозможность принимать участие в общественной жизни института.

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